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This is not classical music.
You see the photo. I am almost 70 years old.
When I was 13, I felt I needed pieces different from what was available at my music school. That’s how it all began. With the experiments of a child at a difficult age. Being gentle was always there. I never wanted to dismantle my Matador and Lego buildings. I thought that was terrible. Sorry. My new “pieces”, or fragments, were anything but gentle. Rather provocative. Bought Penderecki’s St. Luke Passion as my first record. Listened for hours to Die Meistersinger on the radio.
Joined the army at 18. I ceased writing. Thought, I won’t do that anymore. After that I felt untalented and studied some science.
But it didn’t leave me alone. Continued writing, reading books – Eimert’s twelve-tone technique, listening to music. That’s how my cooperative lifestyle came to the light eventually. Until now and further on …

So don’t be disappointed when you read the CV: I am self-taught and learned almost everything I know from books. However, very important qualifications came from my teacher Bruno Strobl, an Austrian composer of contemporary music.

I am happy about any comments or other messages from you
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Curriculum Vitae
Georg Leopold Gottschamel

Georg L. Gottschamel was born in Waidhofen/Thaya, Austria, July 31st, 1954. After his secondary education, he studied chemistry at the University of Technology of Vienna. He was granted a technical doctorate in 1983.
He is married to Brigitte and father of 3 children.

Furthermore, he got piano lessons from 1962 to 1973. In 1969, he began to compose short pieces for piano as a hobby. In the late nineties began his interest for William Blake, the 18th century poet and painter. He began to write songs to poems of W.B. and other pieces.
From 2007 onwards, private studies in composition with Bruno Strobl.