Vatra - Feuer
Vatra – fire

Hello Georg, I like your new homepage very much, it is clear, versatile, informative and very interesting, one likes to linger, read, think, listen…..
Christine Lehmann, May 9, 2022

Thank you very much for your description “Umkehr”, that was very helpful to me now…I also listened to the piece of music, I do not know so much about music, from there an unfiltered impression of me, that has something, certainly not necessarily comfortable, and then also as if there were still some things between the lines …
M.S., May 2022

In my search for human identity, I meet poets and composers whose ideas and artistic expression touch me. The series „Canticum Lyca`s“ is inspired by the poem „The little Girl Lost“ written by the English poet William Blake. I have also chosen to listen to the musical interpretation of part of the poem under the title “Lyca’s Song” by the Austrian composer Georg Gottschamel. The story is about a girl who „leaves“ her parents and meets her own „adulthood“. It can be interpreted as a liberation and an awakening. Lyca symbolizes the soul of earth and man.
My interpretation of „Lyca`s song“ are six works („Lyca’s Song“, „The abode of the Soul“, „Consolation“, „Detachment“, „Towards awakening» and «The harmonious Garden»). Photos of them can be seen in


The paintings show the child in her detachment and developing to an independent individual. Blake’s poems tell about Lyca’s path through dangerous terrain in the face of wild animals, a parallel to what young people experience today. Many forces challenge us on who we should be, and children and young people need awareness and support in building their identity.
The poem has a prophetic sequel – “The little Girl Found” – that ends well. There is hope that the “earth” will wake up from its sleep and again become a harmonious garden for all living things in line with our wishes today with climate commitment and change of values.
Kari Elisabeth HaugApril 2022